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"It's a Joy to find something to improve the game."     Ben Hogan

Professional Golfer Testimonials

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Dandy Golf putter, putters, putting ball New While searching the Web I came across the Dandy putter. After reading their info I called them and talked to Allan for about 15 minutes and ordered a Dandy Pro mallet. Two days after receiving it, I used it to putt against the "Old Pro" for 50 cent aces only. After about 45 minutes we were even. This really made me feel great about the Dandy because in the past he usually takes me for about $2.00. The next day I played a round for the first time with my new Dandy. No one said much, but they sure were looking, especially when I took their money. If you aren't having good luck with your putter, give the Dandy a try!
Ronnie Smith, Ronnie's Golf Club Repair,
Alto, New Mexico
Dandy Golf putter, putters, putting ball NewI have been using the Dandy putter for five years in my golf schools to promote the fundamental putting concepts of hooding and arching with great success. The Dandy has also never left my bag in these five years. It gives the truest, most consistent roll of any putter ever made. Now that Dandy Golf has brought out the Setup Trainer and the Stroke Trainer, golfers of all abilities have the knowledge to turn their fickle stick into a magic wand. Dandy's Complete Answer is a Way of Putting that links back to the putting masters of the past and forward to the pleasure of your next round. Once again, in an industry rife with hype and deception Dandy Golf shows that careful dedication to the principles of the putting stroke is what really brings success. Bravo Allan!"
Lawrence Johns, Dr. Lawrence Johns Golf Academy - Portland, OR
Dandy Golf putter, putters, putting ball New"Dear Christine/Chad et. all.
Thank you !! It is rare to be able to find "any" type of real service in the golf product world (unless you are on the big-dance) but when I needed an expert to communicate with - and to make a lie angle adjustment, everyone was right there and it now...fits me perfectly. Using a Dandy makes a difference in two ways: First - its a great putter, I make less alignment errors, I set up better, I make a more consistant stroke. But more important (to me) is my confidence in my putting has improved and this has had a profound effect on the rest of my game. Thank you from an aspiring professional. Ron !"
Ron Watkins - Scottsdale, AZ
Dandy Golf putter, putters, putting ball "Played at Rush Creek today and had a great putting round! Shot 70 but the putts we needed to make went in DEAD CENTER.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$"
John Snyder - MN PGA State Open Champion
Brooklyn Park, MN
Dandy Golf putter, putters, putting ball "I have used the Dandy since it was born and would not trade its great balance, true putting line, and individual look for any other putter on the face of the earth."
John Mandola - Golf Editor, Mature Living, Palm Springs, CA and writer for Desert Golf Magazine, Palm Springs - Palm Desert, CA
Dandy Golf putter, putters, putting ball "This unique putter helped me put my hands in the correct position, therefore I create less movement when I strike the ball. It has been an outstanding teaching tool for my players as well as for my peers."
Bob Gunther,  Wheaton, IL
Dandy Golf putter, putters, putting ball "I have been putting the Dandy putter for 3 and one half years and it has improved my overall putting in mechanics and setup. It really has taught me to align my putts up each time the same way. The roll of my putts are so much truer than with my past putters (Ping,Taylor Made,Bullseye). As a touring professional putting is the most important part of my life sometimes,and I feel the Dandy Putter has given me a chance to improve my performance on the greens at tournaments. I would recommend the Dandy Line of putters to anyone SERIOUS about improving their putting at whatever level of golf they play at."
Frankie Safferwich - Nike Touring Pro - Richmond, VA
Dandy Golf putter, putters, putting ball "I have been using your putter five months now for the putting segment of our golf schools with positive, and often spectacular results.....Since putting the Dandy in my bag, I average 4 less putts a round and have the feeling I can make everything."
Lawrence Johns, Dr. Lawrence Johns Golf Academy - Portland, OR
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